Mystery Shopping – Inside the Store – New Shopper Edition

Mystery Shopping – Inside the Store – New Shopper Edition

Ok, here we go – you have read over your survey already, so you know of any restrictions and requirements (sometimes our clients want the store shopped after management goes home, or they want you to ask for assistance, etc.).

On your way inside, note if the entrance was clean with no rubbish kicking around. Walk in and see if you are greeted. Anyone say hi? Smile at you?

Browse for a bit, find what you want.

  • Did anyone offer you assistance?
    • If they did, were they friendly and engaging? Were they helpful and knowledgeable? Did they walk you to what you were looking for and give suggestions?
    • If no one asked, what were they doing? Were they helping someone else? Were they standing at the till? Did they look like they were working?

Take your chosen product up to the till.

  • Did the attendant greet you with a smile?
  • Did they ask if you found everything alright?
  • If under 30 and purchasing alcohol or cannabis, did they ask you for ID?

Pay for your product.

  • Did they give you a nice exit comment like, “Thank you, have a good day!”

Leave the store.

That’s it! 

Now go fill out your report online. You can use the app – either to take notes until you get home or, you can fill out the report right there on your phone while everything is fresh in your mind.

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