Sting is not your average investigations firm. We do security training, do fingerprinting, mystery shopping and are a full suite investigations agency that has a lot of room for advancement.  

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a professional mystery shopper, security guard or private investigator? Would you like to know how much money you will earn and how to get jobs in this exciting field?  Are you a driven, professional person who can provide analytical comment, understands the customer buying experience and can write clear, incisive feedback? If so, then Sting would like to hear from you! 

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What is involved?

Not everyone is suitable for a career in these industries – Sting  prides itself on offering top quality service to our clients including comprehensive reporting and quick turnaround time – it’s what separates us from the competition! We receive hundreds of applications every day and will pick only the most appropriate to join our team.

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What are the requirements?

General Requirements

  • be 19 years old or over
  • have strong attention to detail 
  • ability to retain accurate information
  • be able to meet deadlines 
  • be driven by exceptional customer service
  • have a sound knowledge of selling skills
  • have excellent verbal and written communication skills

To learn more in more detail and this sounds like it is for you, then please ensure to take our free mystery shopping course, read and understand the Shopper terms and conditions, and then simply complete the easy online application form.

Desired Skills & Qualities

  • Experienced in, and have sound knowledge of customer service / selling skills
  • Punctual, reliable and have the ability to work to a deadline
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Observant and have the ability to maintain close observation of personnel
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Discreet and have a professional attitude
  • Able to work varied and flexible hours around your other commitments
  • Able to use the internet, a competent typist, computer literate and own a printer, fax or scanner. 

How does it work?

Most of our team members start off as evaluators (otherwise referred to as mystery shoppers) with Level 1 shops; take, for example, a basic liquor store shop. They are quick and easy. 5 minutes in the store and once you know how we like our reporting: 5-10 minutes on your phone or computer.  Once you get good at Level 1 shops – we will advance you to the Level 2 shops which are a bit trickier and pay more accordingly. Then eventually security or investigations.

Evaluators that show potential with reliability, report writing skills and a drive to succeed, may wish to apply for our Mystery Shopper to PI Program. Sting is accredited to teach the mandatory Basic Security Training (BST) programs and Accredited Investigator Training (AIT) in BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and can help you get your Security and/or Private Investigator license.  Working with Sting can be extremely rewarding, allowing you to work your own hours, when most convenient for you – and be well-rewarded for it too.

How to sign up?

Go to our sign up – enter your email address,  fill out the web form, upload your resume and photo and then take the Level 1 Certification. Once you have completed the training, go to “Open Opportunities” and apply for jobs in your area.


The Mystery Shopper is responsible for visiting allocated venues and observing staff in the areas of customer service, selling skills, adherence to procedures, alcohol and tobacco compliance, general housekeeping and merchandising standards or as per the specific requirements of the client. To preserve the integrity of the role, and the client’s privacy, the Mystery Shopper must remain covert at all times.  Learn more...

An Armoured Car Guard transports property, valuables and money in approved armoured vehicles. Armoured car guards may possess firearms in connection with their employment upon providing proof to the Registrar that they have a current, valid Authorization to Carry Restricted Firearms and Prohibited Handguns certificate (ATC).

Security Guard (and Security Guard under Supervision):

  • Provides or supervises a guard patrol or watch of property
  • Provides or supervises a guard of an individual
  • Performs services to prevent the loss of property
  • Provides door security at an establishment licensed under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act
  • Security guards can also respond to and monitor alarms installed on the property of another person.

To learn more about how to become a Security Guard in Canada Click here.

A Security Alarm Installer (and a Security Alarm Installer under Supervision) is a person who sells, supplies, provides advice on, or offers to install a security alarm and maintains or repairs security alarms. A Security Alarm Installer can also code or recode an electronic locking device, make, sell or otherwise provide a lock operating device for an electronic locking device. This licensee can also sell, supply, provide advice on, service or install any closed circuit television equipment device or system. This category also allows for monitoring and responding to alarms installed on another person’s property.

A Private Investigator (and Private Investigator under Supervision and in-house Private Investigator) is a person paid to seek or obtain information about:

  • Crimes, offences, contraventions or misconduct, or allegations of crimes, offences contraventions or misconduct
  • The activities, character or repute of a person or organization
  • The whereabouts of a person
  • The location, disposition or recovery of lost, stolen or missing property
  • The cause of or the responsibility of any fire, accident or incident in which damage to property or injury to any person has occurred

To learn more about How to Become a Private Investigator in Canada Click Here.

A Security Consultant advises on protecting property from vandalism, intrusion, trespass or theft; or detects electromagnetic, acoustical or other devices by which private communications or records may be intercepted, transmitted or examined.

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