Security Guard Training in Alberta


Are you interested in a career in Security? Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn the skills required to do the job, get certified and obtain your security guard licence in Alberta.

Sting is accredited through the Alberta Solicitor General and Ministry of Public Security to deliver the mandatory 40-hour basic security training program, “Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST)” online and in a classroom.

Our team of trainers have an extensive background in security and investigations and are here to help guide you every step of the way. Contact us if you need help registering for a course or wish to book a group or would like to book an in-class course at your location.

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What are the benefits of online learning with segi?

Who is eligible to apply for a security license in Alberta?

To be eligible for an Alberta security guard licence you must:

  • be 18 years old or above
  • be eligible to work in Canada
  • be fluent in English (click here Canadian Language Benchmarks Level 5)
  • have no criminal record
  • have no outstanding criminal charges
  • not be the subject of a criminal investigation

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How do I apply for a security worker license in Alberta?

To get your Alberta Security Guard License and start working, follow these easy steps:

STEP 1: Take the mandatory ALBERTA BASIC SECURITY TRAINING (ABST) with an approved Training Provider.

STEP 2: Book and pass your Government Exam.

STEP 3: Apply for your Alberta Security License.

STEP 4: Start working when you receive your Security License!

Moving to alberta from Ontario?

Learn how to convert your security licence to Alberta here.



Click here, select the course and hit next. Enter your details and payment information. Once submitted, you will immediately receive an email from STING with receipt and login instructions then you will be ready to start your training!

To get your Alberta Security Guard License and start working, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Take the mandatory Alberta Basic Security Training with an approved Training Provider. 

Step 2: Book and pass your Government Exam.

Step 3: Apply for Security Licence

Step 4: Start working when you receive your Security Licence!!

The cost is $100 for a security license or $160 dual security service and investigators licensing fee for a two year licence. You will need to send in a renewal licence application at least 30 days before it expires.

The course is broken down into 7 modules.  Click here to view the course description.

You have 90-days to complete the training. If you do not complete, then you can request a 30-day one time extension.

Yes! The online training is the equivalent to the classroom training but can be done in your own time, whenever and wherever you can get to the internet.

The course is 40-hours.  If you take it online it could take 1-2 weeks, plus 1 week after you take the exam. Processing of your application (by the Registrar) may take as long as 2-3 weeks, so the earlier you apply the better.

SEGI covers the provincial exam fee for your first exam. If you are unsuccessful, you will have to pay a $50 rebooking fee which includes an extension of the course.

Once you have completed all the training and passed the final online exam with 80% or better, you will be able to book your exam yourself while logged in. If you live in a remote area and do not see any available exams, please email and an exam will be arranged for you.

You must achieve 80% or above to receive a Certificate of Completion.

You have 3 chances to pass the exam before it is recommended you retake the 40 hour training.

It takes about 5-7 business days to receive your results and Certificate of Completion.

There is a zero tolerance cheating policy. If you are caught cheating, then you will be expelled from the exam and not permitted to continue. 

You have up to 3 times to write the exam. The first $50 fee is included in your course fee. If you fail your exam you can rebook another exam but there will be a $50 fee.

SEGI works with a number of security companies who are actively recruiting professionals.  Go to to see the latest employment opportunities.

You will receive an email with your official exam results and Certificate of Completion within 5-7 business days of completing your exam.

No. Once you take the 40-hour course and pass the government exam, you do not have to retake the course again.  You have to submit a renewal application with a new photo, ID, criminal record checks, application form and payment. 

Yes.  Training licences are available if you’re currently enrolled in an approved training course. Your employer must submit the training licence application for you. Training licences are valid for 30 days and will be converted to a standard licence after you’ve completed the training course and passed the final exam.

If you have a criminal record or have been charged, your application for a Alberta security licence may not be approved. The decision is up to the Alberta Solicitor General.

If you have been charged or a suspect of an investigation, the Alberta Solicitor General may put your licence under review and suspend or revoke your licence pending outcome of investigation or trial.

The Compliant Policy outlines the complaint process. A security guard must abide by the Code of Conduct. If a security guard is found to be in breach of the provincial Code of Conduct (breaks the law, uses excessive force, behaves in an inappropriate manner, etc.) could be the subject of an investigation and may result in possible charges, civil litigation, security licence being suspended/revoked and/or termination. 

You must take the 40-hour Baton Use-of-Force Training course before carrying a baton in Alberta.

No, individuals licensed under The Private Investigators and Security Guards Act may not carry any type of restricted weapon.

The use of handcuffs, although not specifically prohibited, should be closely monitored by your employer. As a general rule, only a minimum level of force may be used to restrain a person being lawfully placed under arrest. You must know that any other application of force is an unjustified assault and may lead to a charge under the Criminal Code.

No, security guards and private investigators are prohibited from the possession/use of pepper spray as it is a prohibited weapon under the Criminal Code.


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