SEGI is a full suite investigations agency and does the perfect combination of both business and personal investigations. Our business investigations include our widely acclaimed Mystery Shopping Compliance Programs, Workplace Investigations and Integrity Testing for employee theft. Our personal investigations include tenant screening, background searches and locates.

Our investigators, plain-clothed operatives and evaluators have given evidence before Civil Courts, Criminal Court, Union Hearings and Arbitration Boards. 

BUSINESS Investigations

Mystery Shopping

Sting has a variety of Mystery Shopping Services and are always open to new ideas if your situation is different than most. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Workplace Investigations

Something is going on; but you cannot put your finger on it? Sting has completed workplace Investigations on the following situations:

  • Discrimination
  • Bullying and Harassment (at all levels)
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Misconduct
  • Workplace Violence
  • Social Media Misconduct 
  • Employee Theft


Integrity Testing



Bartenders (for example) have a multitude of ways to steal, but theft crosses over all industries. Checking what goes out to what gets rung in is one way to test it.  Please visit our Audits and Integrity Testing page for more information.


Sting agents can pose as customers or new employees to see what is going on and whose integrity needs to be revealed.

We also do Personal and Private Investigations – you can find more info on those here.

SEGI Training Academy

SEGI is accredited to give Professional Investigator Training for licensing in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. If you would like to be trained in Investigations or would like your staff trained, please look into what is involved in the province you are in by CLICKING HERE.