Sting Executive Group Inc. does training, screening and investigations.  We are Canadian owned and operated and female driven.  Our team has an extensive background in Security and Hospitality and are licensed private investigators and certified trainers in Basic Security and Investigations, where we offer both online and classroom accredited security training for licensing.  Sting is a licensed security, investigations and consulting agency in BC. RCMP accredited to provide fingerprinting for criminal record checks. Our Mystery Shopping Programs combine all our services and are available through our Online Report Portal. We offer progressive and innovative solutions.

who we are

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what we do

This is a summary of what we do:

Giving Back

At Sting Executive Group Inc., our community means a lot to us. We have a Sponsorship Program that helps individuals receive the training they need to start their new career during financial hardships. Over the last decade we have taken people on a case-by-case basis, after hearing their story and doing what we could to improve their situations. Our CEO has a heart of gold, she started with hiring who is now our Operations Manager back in 2011 – who at the time was a single parent that she trained in a BST class and started a standard of empowerment. Together, along with the rest of our team, we strive to help out where we can.

Sting Executive Group Inc. has sponsored Charity Events including Team Karma where along with Master Suk Nam, we taught children self defence. Sting also sponsored a Victoria baseball team for 5 years – this team was league champs on 2 of the 5 years and looked great in their new uniforms doing it.

Industries we serve:

Alcohol & Cannabis Retail Stores

Liquor licensed establishments, liquor retail stores and cannabis stores need to ensure their staff provide exceptional customer service as well as make sure their staff are following compliance and not serving minors. Under our compliance programs, our youthful (under 25 years of age) mystery shoppers can check the attendant’s compliance, customer service, knowledge and how liquor and cannabis is dispensed. Sting gives you an unbiased, 3rd party view of your business from the customer perspective.


Having a mystery shopper analyze your service provides you with invaluable information. Self-serve, valet parking services, automotive dealerships and repair center’s customers demand efficiency, safety, competitive pricing, good customer service and strong integrity.
Whether buying a vehicle or just trying to get that “Check Engine” light to go away, it’s all about customer trust and satisfaction. Mystery shoppers test client communications as well as integrity and fulfillment of promises. Integrity in the automotive industry stands for so much – it is worth it to check up on it.

Commercial and residential leasing (new)

Using a mystery shopper to pose as a potential client helps property owners assess the skills of their staff and bring vacancy rates to zero.

Convenience Stores & Gas Stations 

Prices and the varieties of food and drink exploding across the board, food, snack, tobacco sales and gas stations need mystery shoppers to keep their customer service standards high and check to ensure.

Health & Fitness

choosing a long term care home for a loved one or joining a fitness club, mystery shoppers pose as patients, friends and family members to provide valuable feedback on the quality of care being offered.
Competition among gyms and fitness centers remains fierce. Mystery shoppers analyze the quality of service and equipment as well as the clarity of contract terms.

Hair Salons & Spas

From phone presentation to checkout, hair salons have to combine warm, personalized service with skilled cuts and coloring. Mystery shoppers ask all the right questions to objectively judge staff performance.


From hotel check in to check out, we evaluate everything from room comfort, lighting and ambiance to food and service quality.  

Since many guests don’t provide feedback before ditching a hotel, mystery shoppers who judge everything from bell and room service to shower head pressure give hotels objective reviews to help them keep guests coming back.

Retail Sales

Home improvement retailers, bedding specialists, bicycle stores – every type of retailer faces stiff competition that a Sting Mystery Shopping Program can help them overcome.

Food & Beverage

From the server’s attitude to food quality and how beer, liquor and wine are poured, all types of eateries and bars track their service standards utilizing our mystery shopping services.


Sting’s roots began with Security. Our CEO started with a Security company and got accredited to teach the Basic Security Training. She then created TrainMyGuard.com to bring the training over to an online format. Sting (SEGI) is now accredited to train Basic Security Training and Private Investigator Training both online and in a classroom in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Sting can also help you build a Security company from the ground up. From training the guards and the supervisors, getting everyone and the company licensed, to setting up your Administration and returning to make sure everything is running smoothly, Sting can help get your business going in the direction you envisioned.


Sting has operatives ready to check every aspect of travel. From booking the trip, to check-ins and check outs, customer service and quality checking you staff. Our Mystery Shopping Travel Programs are customized to exactly what you are looking for.