Compliance Mystery Shops

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Compliance Mystery Shops

Compliance Mystery Shops, whether it be for alcohol, tobacco or cannabis, are completed to make sure that establishments are being responsible, following the liquor, tobacco and cannabis laws and making sure that underage minors are not buying these products. The government does their own program, where they actually send minors in to see – private companies (like Sting Investigations) do the checks with people aged 19-25 in British Columbia. We shop liquor stores, cannabis dispensaries, anywhere that sells tobacco, bars, pubs and restaurants for compliance. They should be asking ID from anyone trying to purchase that looks under 30.

Sting developed our Compliance Programs for a few reasons. Firstly, our clients want to make sure that their staff are following compliance and asking for 2 pieces of ID. The main goal is to keep minors safe. They also want to make sure that when the government comes in for a compliance check that they will pass with flying colours. Another goal is to avoid a $7,500 fine and possible closures.

These programs get the staff ready for when the government does come in, as well as prove that the business is doing absolutely everything it can to make sure that they are trained and tested on Compliance. It’s trained, reported and tested true due diligence.

Disclaimer: despite the Sting in our name, we are not out there trying to bust employees not asking for ID. Our goal is 100% COMPLIANCE. 

Sting Compliance Programs

How to Set Up a compliance Program with Sting:

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Lori Solley
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