Become A Private Investigator

Private Investigator

How To Become a Private investigator in Canada

Would you like to become a private investigator? You have come to the right place! You will need to complete the mandatory training, meet licensing requirements and gain experience. Please read below to find out the right steps in your province.

At Sting, we do training, screening and are a full suite investigations agency. Once we got our accredited online Basic Security Training set up – the natural next choice was to get accredited for Investigator Training for licensing.

You must be licensed to work as a private or in-house investigator in Canada.

What does an investigator do?

As an investigator you investigate things like:

  • accidents and personal injury
  • damaged or stolen property
  • backgrounds and whereabouts of people
  • investigate organizations
  • collect information
  • interview people
  • conduct surveillance
  • obtain statements
  • research reports or records


What is expected of an investigator?

A good all-round investigator is expected, after suitable training, to perform a variety of duties, which may include:


Individuals must meet the following basic qualifications:


The topics covered in our training program include:

  • criminal law
  • civil law and process
  • human rights legislation
  • information and privacy legislation
  • evidence recognition, presentation and protocols
  • interview techniques
  • report writing
  • documentary research (electronic and hardcopy) and surveillance techniques
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Private Investigator Licensing in Canada

For more information on how to become a private investigator in your province, please find and click below:

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  • How to become a private investigator in Manitoba CLICK HERE
  • How to become a private investigator in Saskatchewan CLICK HERE

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Angela M.
Angela M.Investigator Training Student
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This was a fantastic and informative course. The staff were readily available and helpful when needed.
Kyla H.
Kyla H.Investigator Training Student
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This was a great course, that worked around my schedule and was clear and concise enough to do without in person training.
Stuart L.
Stuart L.Investigator Training Student
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Awesome course containing a wealth of information! Would highly recommend to anyone interested in a security or investigation career.