How to Book Manitoba Security Exam with eProctor Canada

NEXT STEPS – Booking Your MSGTP exam with eProctor Canada

Once you have successfully completed the Sting Online Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP). You will be ready to book your exam with eProctor Canada.

It takes about 24-48 hours to approve your exam. You will not be able to book your exam with eProctor Canada until you have finished your course and your training provider has sent them confirmation of training.

Step 1 – First step is for you to create an account with eProctor Canada. Click on this link – then click on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.

  • Read and follow the instructions on the eProctor Canada website
  • It is required that you show ID and upload a recent headshot to your profile to proceed to exam booking
  • Be sure to have the latest version of browser and ensure your device is compatible with the eProctor software.
  • Best to use a pc or laptop (with camera and microphone). Once you create your account you can test your device by clicking the download application.
  • If you have any questions or inquiries about eProctor Canada’s website, you can email them at support@eproctorcanada.comor call their toll-free telephone 1-844-595-2561 (eProctor Canada is open 8am-5pm EST).

Step 2 – Once your account has been created, you should be able to book your exam online.

  • The exam will be conducted virtually online so you will need to use a pc or laptop (with internet, a camera and microphone) and be in a quiet room with no study material and no distractions. The Manitoba Justice Department has a zero-tolerance cheating policy.
  • Choose the training provider – STING – TrainMyGuard and select basic security training for Manitoba, then select date. If you cannot select the time slot for the date, you selected it means it is not available. Make sure to select your correct time zone.
  • Enter coupon code: StingCoupon2023
  • NOTE – We cover the Manitoba Justice fee and eProctor fee for the first exam only. The rewrite fee is $60.

Step 3 – Notify our office at after you complete the exam, and we will follow-up with Manitoba Justice for results. It takes about 5-7 business days for us to receive the official results and issue a certificate of completion.

Please note the required $25 MSGTP exam fee is already covered in the cost of your training.  If you are late, do not show up or fail the written exam, you will be required to pay the $25 re-take fee. You will also be required to pay a rewrite fee with eProctor Canada.

You must achieve 75% or above to receive your Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP) Certificate of Completion then you will be ready to apply for your security guard license in Manitoba. You will have full access to your course. Keep studying and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.