Online Report Portal

Online Report Portal

Reporting is our final product.

At Sting, our reporting is what we present to our clients – and Sting 100% stands behind our reporting. 

From the different types of surveys we give our shoppers, that are customized to our clients’ needs, to the top-of-the-line software platform we chose to manage it all – our entire management system represents Sting Executive Group International in our quest for report excellence. 

Even before we were big enough to get an Online Report System – reporting has always been the most serious part of what we do. 

We wanted to say that first… before we show you how cool the Sting Online Report Portal really is.

Evaluator Point of View

As a shopper, the Sting Online Report Portal is where you find, fill out and submit your reports. 


    • Fill out reports online or offline on the go – no wifi? No problem!
    • Multimedia Content Support – you can attach photos, audio clips and video easily and seamlessly.

NOTIFICATIONS: Evaluator has multiple ways to receive opportunities:

    • the MOBI AUDIT mobile app notification on your phone
    • email 
    • logging in (NOTE: Evaluator has choice to receive, or not receive notifications)

OPEN OPPORTUNITIES: Here you will find all the available shops open for anyone to apply. This is where you apply for the jobs you want. Apply as soon as you can, if approved, accept them so we know you have received. Do not leave pending.

INBOX: See the shops you have been assigned – you must accept them if you want to do them – if not decline them quickly so we can find someone else. Thanks!

CERTIFICATIONS: This is part of your training. You will have to complete the COVID-19 Certification and Level 1 Certification before you can apply for any shops.

    • COVID-19 Certification: lets us know that you will NOT be shopping if you are sick, after travelling and/or after being exposed to the virus; and that you will follow any protocols from the province or the client (wearing a mask, social distancing, etc.). 
    • Level 1 Certification: will teach you everything you need to know about getting started shopping for Sting. In a quick tutorial video about Level 1 shops, including how to do them, what happens inside the store, how to fill out your surveys and when you will be paid – all of the questions you may have about being a mystery shopper will be answered in the Level 1 Certification. There’s a test at the end – but if you watched the training video it will not be a problem. 

Client Point of View

As a client, Sting’s Online Report Portal is where you will find all your reports and so much more:

CLIENT ANALYTICS 3.0: download the app on your phone (iphone or Android) and have the access to your reports right at your fingertips! 

You can always login from your PC or Mac and download PDF’s of the surveys/reports you need. You can search by date, location, compliance or question. Your data is converted into all the tools you need for your next Staff, Management, Executive or Stockholder meeting.

SURVEY EXPLORER – allows you to see any past reports completed, can filter by campaign, by location, by pass/fail, by time frame and more.

REPORT PORTAL – has 14 Executive Report templates and if you can’t find what you are looking for – there is a CUSTOM ROLLUPS tab to build your own.

CLIENT DASHBOARD gives the ultimate breakdown with charts, graphs and ‘Performance by Question’ (every question answered on your surveys since the beginning of our business relationship). The Client Dashboard is the most utilized tool in our toolbox for good reason. Everything you need to know is right there and the trends do not lie.  

We give it to you in text, numbers (%’s) and in a visual format; for the people that see things differently. It’s your business. You choose how you want to look at it.