Fingerprint Tuesdays

Fingerprint Tuesdays

Fingerprint Tuesdays – it is a thing

Fingerprint Tuesdays started about 10 years ago in our Victoria Sting office. We are a mobile service, so I (Lori) would (at the time) whip around on my scooter to fingerprint whoever needed it for a variety of reasons. 

  • Immigration / PR Card / Citizenship
  • Name Change
  • US Waiver
  • Criminal Record Suspension (Pardon Applications)
  • Federal Government Clearances
  • Employment
  • Privacy Act
  • So many more reasons…

Although I miss using that logo – because it’s a cartoon me – I now whip around in a KIA until I find another scooter to love.


Tuesdays became the day for all things Fingerprint

I wanted one day a week to work on the marketing, advertising and eventually began scheduling most, if not all, of the fingerprint appointments on Tuesdays. In the last 10 years, I have fingerprinted 100’s of people all over Vancouver Island – some of them in really fun places. Now that Sting finally has a fun blog – I will start posting about the amazing people I have met and the fun places I have gone to fingerprint them.

It’s just such an unusual thing to do for a living (among my other duties at Sting) and I love doing it. Some people are stuck, unable to find someone that will ink and roll, some were a bit shy about going to the police to get it done, some had a time crunch and couldn’t get an appointment anywhere else – no matter how they ended up finding me – I got them all printed and still enjoy it every Tuesday.

So if you found out you need to get fingerprinted and are not sure where to go – why not stay where you are and I will come to you?

BTW – I can schedule on other day of the week as well… but I will always love my Fingerprint Tuesdays.


Lori Solley
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