Keith Best

Instructor Biography

Summary of Qualifications

Keith Best, Sting’s certified BST and ABST Instructor in BC and AB, has worked with our Sting CEO for over a decade. An ex-professional athlete, Keith later went on to be a Close Protection Operative from 1993 until present, he has worked night club and bar security in a supervisor role, has his Basic and Advanced Security Training as well as tactical training and training in conflict resolution and customer service.

A dedicated and loyal employee, Keith Best is a key member of the Sting Team. His coworkers and students alike find him to be hard working, extremely professional, customer service oriented, understanding, patient, and courteous. Keith’s calm relaxed and professional demeanor makes him a huge asset to Sting Executive Group and his extensive experience in this field gives our clients great confidence that their policies and procedures will be followed, and their venues, patrons and valuables are in great hands.

After over 25 years of experience in the field, the only natural thing to do was to get him through Sting’s ‘Train the Trainer’ program where worked along side our CEO in remote indigenous communities where obtained invaluable skills, obtained his BST instructor certificate in 2012 and ABST instructor certificate in 2017.