How to Become a Private Investigator in Saskatchewan


Become a Private Investigator in SK - ACCREDITED TRAINING

If you are looking to become a Private Investigator in Saskatchewan, the following steps will lead you there:

  1. Complete the training. Saskatchewan does not have a course designed for Private Investigators, so they accept courses from other provinces in Canada. To fulfil the training requirements, you can complete our Alberta Investigator Training (AIT). For more information on our AIT course
  2. Pass the exam. You must complete the exam and obtain at least 80% on the exam administered by Alberta’s Solicitor General. This exam is included in our training cost. It must be done in person, but we can set it up near you.
  3. Return your application package with all the required documents to:Safer Communities Enforcement Services
    Private Investigators and Security Guards
    Ministry of Justice
    485 Maxwell Crescent
    Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 5X9

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