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Mystery Shopping for Sting is a great way to add to your existing income as well as get started on a new career. It will get you out on the town, bring you to establishments you have never been and give you a chance to experience what your city has to offer. 

Sting is not your average mystery shopping company. We do training, screening and are a full suite investigations agency that has a lot of room for advancement. We start our evaluators off with Level 1 shops; take, for example, a basic liquor store shop. They are quick and easy. 5-7 minutes in the store and once you know how we like our reporting: 5-10 minutes on your phone or computer.

Once you get good at Level 1 shops – we will advance you to the Level 2 shops which are a bit trickier and pay more accordingly. Evaluators that show potential with reliability, report writing skills and a drive to succeed, may wish to enter our Mystery Shopper to PI Program. Sting is accredited to teach Private Investigator Training in Alberta and provides the equivalent training in BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and can help you get your PI license.


Sting has a list of amazing clients to choose from – you may get sent to a liquor store and leave with some great wine knowledge; you may dine in a fine restaurant and have the best customer service you’ve ever received. You will discover new places, try new things and get paid to do it.

Mystery shopping can be perfect for adding extra income, giving yourself an excuse to get out of the house and trying out new places and products. Shops can be in-person, over the phone or online. You get to pick and choose which shops you’d like to take, you can work it around your own schedule.

start your new career now!

How to become an evaluator with Sting:


Step 1 – Get set up on our Online Report Portal
  1. Click on Become a STING Evaluator from anywhere on our website or marketing material – this will take you to our Online Report Portal Login Page.
  2. This is where you sign up by clicking Become a STING Evaluator (later you will use this page to login)
    1. The first web form you will enter your email and then your first and last name, your date of birth (some of our shops are for compliance and you must be a certain age), your gender (you do not have to tell us that), your postal code and create a password. Then Click CREATE ACCOUNT.
    2. You are then taken to our Contractors’ Terms and Conditions Agreement page. This declares that you are an Independent Contractor, that you will be honest and represent Sting right by not breaking any laws and making sure you know the importance of our reporting – please read it over carefully. Read it more than once it is that important. When you understand and agree to everything in the Agreement – click SIGN AGREEMENT.
    3. From there, you are asked to verify your email address – go to the email you provided and, find the email, click the link and CONGRATS! You have an account with us now.

o The first time you login, it will ask you to update with your complete address and phone number and some other related questions for your STING Extended Profile.

o Please attach a current resume and recent photo.

Step 2 – Training
  1. Complete the Level 1 Certification
    • Level 1 Certification will teach you everything you need to know for Level 1 shops, including what to do inside the location, how to fill out the reports and how/when you will be paid. Certifications can be found on the left side of the screen in the menu bar.
  1. Complete the COVID-19 Certification
    • COVID-19 Certification just lets us know that you will NOT be shopping if you are sick, after travelling recently and/or after being exposed to the virus; and that you will follow any protocols from the province or the client (wearing a mask, social distancing, etc.)  You will also be asked to do a quick 30 second questionnaire before each day of shopping. That link can be found at the top of every survey. This is saved for contact tracing if ever needed.
Step 3 – Apply for Shops
  1. Go to “Open Opportunities” to browse job offers. If your postal code is not showing much you can adjust to see more. You may also be sent assignments via email; if you are asked to do a shop and you either cannot or do not want to take it – just decline it as soon as possible so that we can find another evaluator to do it.
    • Read over the Survey Summary for a shop in an area you can do (close to home, close to work, close to a friend’s house, if you plan on being in the area anyway, etc) and if it looks good – click APPLY

**Note – You have to do the Level 1 Certification before we can assign you a shop.

  1. Once you are approved for a shop, you accept the shop, then read over the entire survey to make sure you know what is expected. Your best bet is to read it AGAIN right before you begin your shop.


These Level 1 shops are not meant to be your only source of income. They are meant to supplement your current income and get you some money back for something you may have bought regardless.