Mystery Shopper FAQ

Mystery Shopper FAQ

Mystery Shopping is a form of market research which allows companies to gather key information about their business and performance from the point of view of a customer. It is completely anonymous and helps the company improve customer service and, where necessary, provide targeted training. 

Sign up! We recommend you read what’s involved here and the mystery shopper job description, and ensure you understand and agree to the terms and conditions. There is a simple online application form to complete which will be assessed by our recruitment team. You will be advised whether your application has been successful or not.

Once you login you’ll see a link on the left-hand side of the screen called Open Opportunities. Click that and it will show what is available in your area. If you feel like doing a route – we can send you on a bit of a road trip.

Are we in your email address book? Please ensure you add to your email address book and allowed domains list so our emails are not accidentally sent to your email spam filter.

Companies occasionally request a specific shopper profile. For example, a hair salon may need to colour someone’s hair, so the profile for the shopper may request a hair colour that is able to go lighter or darker.

The application information is saved only under Sting Investigations security system and is not available to any other persons. Sting Investigations only uses the information you provide to assist with its recruitment of mystery shoppers. Please read our privacy statement for more detail.

Sting Investigations pays all mystery shoppers by PayPal only. We do not pay by any other means, including cheque or direct debit bank transfer. You would therefore need to set up a PayPal account before you start your first assignment.

Agents are paid once a month for all approved shops. Approved assignments are those that have been completed correctly, followed all instructions, with relevant information and detail in the survey and within the required timeframe.

Before you apply and accept an assignment the payment amount for a successful job will be listed. This amount varies depending on how in-depth the requirements are. Remuneration may be in the form of job fee or reimbursement to a certain amount, or a combination of the two.

Sting Investigations is unable to guarantee any number of assignments, or continual regular work, as availabilities are dependant on our client requirements. We also like to mix it up so the client locations do not see the same shoppers every month. 

If you live and work within Canada, you will need to keep track of payments, and makes it easier for businesses and the CRA to interact.

YES WE DO! Refer a friend that signs up properly and applies for jobs, you will receive a $10 bonus after their first completed shop. There is no limit – refer as many friends as you can find.

Yes, every shopper must complete a COVID-19 Certification, which basically asks that you will not shop with any flu-like symptoms, after traveling, or being around anyone that is sick or has the virus. You must also agree to any provincial guidelines set in place – for example wearing a mask, physical distancing and the use of hand sanitizer. We have a quick COVID-19 Pre-Screening Questionnaire that is required before you do a shop as well. This can be found here. This takes less than a minute and helps with Contact Tracing if needed as well as keeping safe.

Yes, you must report any income and any deductions to CRA.  This is your responsibility as a sub-contractor for Sting Investigations.

Sting Investigations’ jobs are located all over Canada. Our system sends notifications to shoppers based on the distance you specify on your profile, however you can view all jobs available when you are logged in – so, in addition to your normal settings, if you are travelling, or have friends or family in other areas, feel free to apply. We like to keep the gas expense down for the clients, but if you are going to be in the area anyway we would be happy to send you a shop if it’s available. 

You have to be quick! When you receive an email informing you there is a job available in your area you need to login and apply for the assignment. If the available job is no longer listed, it means that another shopper has already requested and been assigned the job. 

Mystery Shopper Scams usually begin with an unrequested notice that you have been selected to be a mystery shopper, quality control officer, client service strategist or personal assistant. The scam usually involves them sending you a cheque to deposit into your account, then buying gift cards or the like. This is not normal practice. The cheque is later found to be a fake and you are left owing money to the bank. 

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Think of it like a Job Board – it will show all the shops in the area that you can apply for.

The mystery consumer’s specific identity and purpose is anonymous and is generally not known by the establishment or staff being evaluated. If any of the staff are known to you, you must abort the assignment and notify your supervisor immediately.