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Our STING Instructors have over 50 years experience

President and CEO - Instructor

Charlena Radic, the Founder, President and CEO of Sting Investigations, Inc. and Sting Executive Group International (www.SEGI.ca), Inc.,

Head of Security and Instructor

Keith Best, Sting’s BC Head of Security Operations and Certified BST and ABST Instructor in BC and AB, has worked with our Sting CEO for over a decade.

Operations Manager, Investigator and Instructor Assistant

Lori Solley, Sting’s Operations Manager, is a fully licensed Private Investigator and VP of Fingerprint Services – Vancouver Island.

Instructor Biography Ken Mills, the latest instructor to join the Sting Team is a Licensed Private Investigator, Security Consultant, and has his BST/AST, in Security. He has 29.5 years serving the public as a police officer, holding ranks of Constable to Sergeant and served 15 years on...