How to Ensure Your Photos and Video Have a Geolocation Tag Embedded

What is Geolocation?

Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic locations of an object such as a mobile phone, or internet-connected tablet or computer.

Photos taken on a smartphone with GPS capabilities are usually geotagged automatically unless you’ve specifically turned off the setting. With every photo you take, your phone will record its current GPS coordinates and include them in the image EXIF data.

At Sting, and in the industry, we use it to verify our shoppers visit the correct location, at the correct day and correct time.

It is a requirement for all of Sting Investigations shops that do not require a purchase and may be a requirement for some with-purchase shops as well.

Here are a few simple steps to ensure that you are ready to conduct a successful shop using geolocation.

STEP  1:
  • Go to ‘SETTINGS’ in your smartphone to ensure your ‘Location Services’ are ON
  • iPhone Users: This can be found clicking ‘SETTINGS’ then ‘PRIVACY’
  • Android Users: This can be found by clicking ‘SETTINGS’ then ‘LOCATION’
Iphone versus Android geotagging and geolocation setup.
  • It is not enough to have your LOCATION SERVICES set to ON, you must ensure that they are enabled in the camera you’ll be using to verify your location.
  • Here’s how to confirm you’re ready to geolocate when using these apps.


Iphone versus Android geotagging and geolocation setup.


Ensure your photos and videos have the geotag embedded with date, time, location.

Geo-tag your location in your photos and videos

Map with location pointers, continents with countries and geotag. Connection and international communication worldwide. Delivery in different country. 

These are basic guidelines and every phone is different.

If these steps do not work for you, please ensure to check your phone’s manual, or search the internet for the step for your particular phone.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your photos are geolocated/geotagged properly and according to your shop’s instructions.

If you have any questions, contact your mystery shopping coordinator.